About us

SANMEL Ltd.  is a contractor of construction and assembly works, sanitary and hydraulic engineering works. We specialize in entertainment and sports halls, indoor swimming pools, warehouses, industrial buildings, storage of fruits and vegetables and water treatment plants,anti-flood pumping ,landfills, sewers, water supply.

Since 2011, we have expanded our range of construction and included biogas plants. In the years 2011 -2013 we were a sucontractor for biogas works in Boleszyn, Łęguty and Starorypin and general contractor for the expansion of biogas plants in Boleszyn.

The company was founded in 1991, when some of the employees of the former Drianage District Enterprises formed a limited liability company and a tender has purchased its assets. Since its inception, taken over by RPM the crew systematically retrained to meet the objective of the tasks of the construction industry and the environment. Even after three years of its operations, the primary scope of its production was the construction of sports facilities and public buildings and the construction of sewage treatment plants and sanitary collectors .

The company currently employs an average of 200 employees. Company staff consists of 20 engineers and technicians who are highly qualified, confirmed by a broad spectrum of industries building qualifications. The profile of the company has become more flexible - suited to supply the construction market.

We provide services for local governments, as well as budgetary units and private investors.

After many years of business ,our market position resulting from the positive feedback from our customers, we have developed thanks to the timeliness and reliability of the services provided construction .

Our asset is our experienced and qualified staff. It is through them that we ​​achieve success and easily implement new technologies taking on the implementation of non-standard buildings.